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Welcome to World-Class, Private Mentoring
with Courtney Smith’s Personally Trained Traders!

We’ve heard the call “LOUD AND CLEAR” from you in your request for a focused, one-on-one mentoring program to assist you in implementing Courtney Smith’s methodologies, and to take your trading to a higher level of profitability and success. With a highly interactive approach, our professional and caring mentors will support you in any area you personally desire, from understanding techniques, improving your trading psychology, risk management, creating trading plans, EXECUTING FLAWLESSLY, and raising your performance to the highest attainable level. You’ll work with your own mentor and together create your own personal course of learning that’s specifically designed for ONLY YOU. All current and former students of Courtney Smith are welcome!
Here’s what you’ll receive:

  • A personal mentor trained and handpicked by Courtney, with the deepest understanding of hismethodologies, possessing superior teaching skills, and with the utmost patience. This will ensure
    you fully understand your course techniques and tools.
  • Prior to your first mentoring session, your mentor will assess your needs and work with you to createa personalized curriculum that addresses your exact, individual trading interests, issues and needs
  • A series of 45 to 75 minute sessions (averaging three per week, with flexibility to match yourschedule) priced at increasingly lower rates in multiple session packages (1,2,3, or 4 weeks) aimed to
    meet your needs and budget.
  • Homework assignments each week that are designed to integrate your learning into your tradingexperience. You will also be mentored in maximizing the use of the websites, tools and resources
    you’ve been provided with from the WealthBuilder LLC courses you have taken.
  • A certificate of completion at the end of your mentoring program to acknowledge your mastery of your courses.

Our Guarantee: If your initial strategy mentoring session doesn’t provide the support you are seeking, you pay nothing…no questions asked! We PROMISE you will be “WOWED!”

Packages Available for Purchase:

OU Coaching – 3 Sessions

OU Coaching – 6 Sessions

OU Coaching – 9 Sessions

OU Coaching – 12 Sessions

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