Live Trading Labs and Trade Alerts

Live Trading Labs


Our proprietary, skill-based Live Trading Labs provide you with an unprecedented ‘inside look’ into how professional options traders find winning trades and how they manage risk. The Live Trading Labs allow you to watch an experienced options trader walk through potential options trades and manage them in a virtual trading room.

Each week our professional options traders also review trades from previous Live Trading Labs and show you how they manage the positions in the model portfolios, along with discovering new and potentially profitable trades. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re an experienced trader, Live Trading Labs help further your education by putting you in the passenger seat with experienced professional traders.

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Trade Alerts

Our skill-based Trade Alerts provide you with potential options trades from our highly experienced team of professional options traders. Trade Alerts teach investors like you to potentially profit from options investing, especially in these volatile markets where options tend to perform best.

You’ll immediately receive an email or SMS alert notifying you of a potential trade in the model portfolios, along with all of the important details behind the alert: the thesis, how to execute, the potential max gain/loss, and all of the important information for you to learn more.

You’ll also receive alerts that update the positions in the model portfolios, such as when to exit or adjust a position. And finally you’ll receive a weekly summary outlining the macro trends in the market, along with updates on the skill-based portfolios. No need to guess anymore. Let our experienced team identify potentially winning trades and immediately send you the information that will help educate you to become a better trader.

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