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Management Team

The Options University management team is available for interviews with journalists to discuss topics related to options trading. For interview requests, please refer to the Media Contacts area of our media room.

Brett Fogle
President and Founder
Brett Fogle is the founder of The Options University. He has a strong background in stock and option trading, candlestick charting, fibonacci trading as well as technical analysis.

He has been active in the markets for over 9 years and started and ran an online options related advisory service which gave members daily option picks and market commentary for a monthly subscription fee. He ran this service for two years, before selling out to a larger online advisory service and later founded The Options University.

"Much of my trading background is rooted in short-term swing trading and options trading but after the market crash of 2000, I recognized the need for risk management and effective porfolio protection. Options, when used properly, are the best way to protect your financial interests in the markets today."

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