Free Options Resources

We want you to view our Options University website as the “one-stop shop” for anything and everything having to do with real-world, accurate options trading information.

So to help in that effort, we’ve set up this Options Tools page. This page will serve as your “Research Library” source of (literally) A to Z information on options trading.

Want the definition or a further, in-depth description of any options trading term?

Then click on “Options Trading Terms” on the left-hand side of this page. Chances are, you’ll get your answer in seconds.

Or do you want the step-by-step “blueprints” of the most profitable options trading strategies on the planet?

Then click on “Options Strategy Guides” to the left, and receive free information via downloadable PDF reports other companies charge an arm and a leg for.

Now there’s no reason to “Google” any of your options trading questions or concerns.

Everything you need to know is right here at Options University!

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