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Advanced Online Classes

Live Options Mastery Class

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to "rub shoulders" with one of the most successful options traders in the world - and discover his "insider" strategies that generated multi-millions of dollars for traders across the globe?

Well, here's your chance.

You can now participate in one of Options University's most popular services - a 12-week series of Live Classes with options trader extraordinaire and top options trainer Ron Ianieri. What's even more exciting... this is the EXACT CLASS he used to teach "rookie" traders on Wall Street how to compete with the pros in just 12 weeks...

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Gamma Trading

In this unique class, Ron Ianieri reveals a technique of options trading so powerful (and one used by savvy options floor traders for years) - that Ron's former floor trading buddies would be extremely upset if they knew Ron was about to spill the beans on one of their most cherished trading strategies.

The strategy is called "Gamma Trading" or "Gamma Scalping."

Once kept "under wraps" by the floor trading pros, Gamma Trading gives an almost unfair advantage to day-traders and swing traders. That's because it allows you to scalp stock while covered and protected instead of just trading naked...

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Synthetic Positions

One of the major advantages of options is their extreme flexibility. And once you understand Synthetic Positions, you'll realize the full benefit of that flexibility.

Synthetics are fundamentally important to understanding options. They show the mathematical relationship that exists between the stock, a call, and its corresponding put.

Synthetics are also crucial in position management. They can be used to "morph" one position into another, an extremely powerful concept few understand, and is rarely taught...

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Volatility Classes

Understanding volatility is critical to the options investor. The reason is actually simple.

"Extrinsic value" is the essence of an option. An option without extrinsic value is really not an option any more at all. So, extrinsic value, being the defining characteristic of an option, is obviously important. Then it stands to reason that extrinsic value's largest component, volatility, is very important also.

Understanding volatility and its make-up and behavior is an invaluable advantage to option traders and investors...

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Forex Options Trading

What if you could get access to cutting-edge, brand-new information on how to combine the two hottest trading markets on the planet... the red-hot Forex market and the sizzling options market?

Well, now you can.

You do it via the World Currency Options Forex (WCO FX for short). And we just happen to have one of the most knowledgeable experts in the world on WCO FX... Greg McDermott!

Here's your chance to spend 8 days with a Forex Options master - who will reveal everything you need to know to get started on your path to successful World Currency Options trading...

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