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The Option Specialist Newsletter

Welcome to 'The Option Specialist' Newsletter page.

In these pages we'll be exploring timely and important topics about options each and every month. The articles in this newsletter are written by true experts and professionals in options, so you know you'll be getting the straight facts.

We're committed to bringing you the plain truth about options and trading in general, and so you won't find any useless filler or fluff here like you might find in some other publications. Our goal here is to provide a valuable resource to our members and subscribers, and so if there's anything you would like to see added, or if you have any suggestions for improving the newsletter, we welcome your feedback!

There are already many enhancements to the newsletter planned, so keep an eye out for these in future issues. But also keep an eye out for hidden 'nuggets' of information in these pages... Sometimes one tip, one recommended resource, one thought provoking idea. can result in enormous improvements in your trading and much bigger profits!

Gold OU members will also be receiving an audio CD of our monthly 'Expert Interview' along with their newsletter, featuring some of the top names in trading. If you're not yet a Gold member, visit us at to learn more about Gold Member benefits.


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