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golfTrading options may be a hobby for some. That’s fine. I believe just about everyone should trade options on some level. Most beginner level traders will buy CALL options, and maybe dabble with Covered Calls. Most will stick exclusively with bullish to moderately bullish trades simply because that’s human nature. Perfectly normal behavior and nothing wrong with it.

But then there’s you.

You’re not satisfied to be anything less than be a PRO LEVEL options trader. You don’t necessarily need to know it all, but you want to know what’s important for pros who TRADE FOR A LIVING, because that’s what you want. You want to MAKE BANK from the comfort of your home, and be completely financially independent. You want to WIN BIG IN EVERY MARKET, and do so with confidence and an easy kind of happiness. No more struggling. No more pulling your hair out. Just win, baby.

We’re ready to take you to that level!

The Options University Mastery Series includes both LIVE sessions with CURRENT options trading ideas, as well as ON DEMAND INSTRUCTION that will blow you away with never-taught-before EXCLUSIVE content based on Courtney Smith’s 40+ years of amazing Wall Street and pro trading experience.

Here’s what’s included in this INCREDIBLE training:

  • The Pro Trader Visual Journey
  • The difference between KNOWING and MASTERING
  • Characteristics of the OPTIONS MASTER
  • All the Strategies and Techniques you NEED to Learn and Master
  • Going from Good to Great on all key Options Strategies
  • How to access and use P/L graphs to optimize profits and reduce risk
  • Managing your portfolio allocation
  • Unique strategies such as “FLIP FLOP BUNGEE DROP”
  • Advanced Butterfly trading with a UNIQUE VARIATION
  • A “STOCK REPAIR” strategy
  • Day in the Life of a PRO TRADER
  • How to Track your trades properly
  • Advanced Horizontal Spreads
  • Ratio Spreads
  • Advanced Order Entry


All for just $897 Hurry, this offer won’t last for our most


Here’s the main goal of the Options Mastery Online Training. It is quite simply this:

“To take you from where you are now to a pro-level options trader who trades both
for a living, and for an AWESOME living.’”

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. No risk! Seating is very limited, so reserve your spot right now!


See you soon!

Good Option Trading!

Courtney Smith

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