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Company Profile

2500 West Sahara Avenue #206 Las Vegas, NV 89102

Options University is the leading source for options strategies, safer investing and better profits. We are an educational company teaching investors how to make consistent profits with options while limiting risk.

Options University offers courses for investors at every level, starting with the Options 101 Home Study Course. At the advanced level, Options University offers an comprehensive educational and instructive membership program, self study courses, and live events.

Investors also turn to the company's experts for coaching and mentoring.

Options University is headed by Courtney Smith, a 45 year trading veteran who has been an institutional options market maker and trader and is the author of Options Strategies, the standard book about options strategies.

The company's approach is simple. Options University combines unparalleled expertise with a commitment to providing investors a 360-degree view of the options trade that avoids get rich quick promises and heavy sales pitches. Customers appreciate this 'no b.s.' approach, but it is the proven strategies to trade options the right way that keeps them coming back.

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