Major markets are in a bull flag pattern which suggests more bullishness, after perhaps a period of “high basing” sideways action.  The key exception is the Russell 2000 which is stuck in the middle of its range.  Outside of technology, the appetite for high risk is muted, and “safer” stocks such as consumer staples and utilities are picking up.  Financials and energy continue to lag, and most other markets are relatively flat.




The CBOE Volatility Index (VIX) remains at extreme low levels in the post-Memorial Day low volume week.  May ended up being a positive month, and Fed action combined with economic data will help determine if the market can remain positive.  June is off to a good start with a very strong ADP report on private sector jobs.  Good options traders can make money in any market, and some even retire rich.  To learn more:


OPTIONS INSIGHTS:  One great thing about options is that they are extremely versatile both in terms of timeframes and dialing in very specific bullish vs. bearish trade postures.  With an uncertain June, we are taking our fundamental long bullish trades out to January 2018 or beyond, our trend-based bearish trades out to September/October, and creating a mix of bullish and bearish short-term trades for the near term.  Vertical spreads and very specific long PUT and CALL techniques, combined with great stock picking, has led to great success in our portfolios.  There is always a way to win in the markets. To see our amazing TOTALLY FREE webinar on trading success principles, register here:

 OVERSEAS:  European markets were strong across the board in overnight action.  Asian markets were mixed, with the Nikkei leading the way.  The ECB meeting is on June 8th, and will help to clarify the picture of potential tapering in Europe.

OIL:  Oil inventories continue to slowly grind lower, but remain at high levels.  An announcement recently by Libya suggesting increased oil production kept crude prices below $50 per barrel.  Courtney Smith is a commodities expert.  To hear what he has to say about oil and other opportunities, get a special offer on membership here:

JOBS:   The big news in jobs was a stellar ADP Employment report showing 253K new jobs vs. a consensus estimate of only 170K.  Jobless claims came in only slightly higher than expected (248K vs. 239K expectation).  Layoffs by Ford kept the Challenger Job Cut report slightly higher than expected.

BIOTECH INSIDER: Never ignore downtrodden, ignored stocks.  Look at Verastem (VSTM), for example.  Months after falling from a high of $12.35 to less than $1.20 a share on news it halted Phase II enrollment for patients with mesothelioma, it became ignored. But going forward, there was plenty to get excited about.  In fact, per our research, the good began to outweigh the bad.  Not only did it announce two new clinical collaborations with Merck KGaA and Pfizer, as well as with the Washington University in St. Louis and Merck to further identify the potential of VSTM’s focal adhesion kinase (FAK), it was expected to present study Phase II study results in patients with double-refractory indolent non-Hodgkin lymphoma, mid-June 2017.  And by mid-2017, it was expected to release its top-line data from an ongoing study in relapsed or refractory chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL).  Since March 2017, the stock is up from $1.20 to $2.50 a share on that news, proving that good research even into ignored stocks can pay off well.  For more information on other stocks just like this one, click here:

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