All major U.S. markets sagged in the final week of 2016, rebounded the first couple of days of the New Year, and now hover just below recent highs.  The Dow chart looks the best, and appears to have a good fighting chance to crack once again to new highs.  The overall sentiment has slipped from…click to read more.

Momentum on the Trump rally has predictably eased up, and, in the case of the Nasdaq, has actually pulled back to some degree.  FANG technology stocks in particular continue to struggle to find their footing.  “Risk Off” trades such as utilities, consumer staples, and bonds are also ice cold.  However, certain sectors such as financials…click to read more.

The down trend in the S&P 500 has officially been broken in the wake of a surprising election victory by Donald Trump.  Not an uptrend yet, however, as the price action suggests a neutral “megaphone” pattern for now.  The Nasdaq and the Russell 2000 have likewise popped up dramatically, and are now in the middle…click to read more.

The S&P 500 is largely unchanged over the last week, as the descending triangle pattern remains intact leaving price action squeezed between the 50 day moving average resistance, and the recent low support.    The Nasdaq briefly broke to a new high before pulling back into range on the heels of a slightly disappointing Apple earnings…click to read more.

The key support levels have held in the U.S. Markets as the S&P 500 jumped over 1% AND closed near its high in the aftermath of the Fed decision to keep rates unchanged at the September meeting.  The broad market price action is now in the middle of the range that began in early July. …click to read more.

A choppy few trading days has brought the S&P 500 to the low end of its 2-month range, and below the 50 day moving average.    The Nasdaq has had similar price action, but remains above the 50-day MA.  Most sectors are lackluster during this typically seasonally soft time of year.  The main source of excitement…click to read more.

The S&P 500 has been basing sideways for several sessions, and is grinding slowly close to previous all-time highs (and also potential resistance).  The Nasdaq is slightly stronger, having achieved a new intraday high in yesterday’s session.  Excitement surrounding the Apple I-phone and watch product announcement, combined with other strong industry groups such as semiconductor,…click to read more.

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