Saber rattling with North Korea has dominated the headlines, but really, it’s still mostly about the earnings as peak earnings season nears its completion. The reason we are still in a bull market is that both earnings and economic reports have been generally very positive.  However, bearish seasonality and an over-extended Dow (scoring 10 straight…click to read more.

50 Day Moving Averages have supported in major U.S. Markets, as a timely bounce has improved the perceived near-term sentiment.  Three things will likely be front and center during July and early August:  Earnings, Earnings, and Earnings. The CBOE Volatility Index (VIX) remains at extreme low levels after a brief pop last week.  Pullbacks on…click to read more.

Major markets are in a bull flag pattern which suggests more bullishness, after perhaps a period of “high basing” sideways action.  The key exception is the Russell 2000 which is stuck in the middle of its range.  Outside of technology, the appetite for high risk is muted, and “safer” stocks such as consumer staples and…click to read more.

The Nasdaq has broken out once again to an all-time high, and the S&P 500 also appears poised to do so.  The Russell 2000 is lagging, though improving, which suggests a lack of investor aggressiveness outside of technology.  “Safe” sectors such as Consumer Staples and Utilities showing strength, which is quite revealing.  Last Wednesday’s pullback…click to read more.

Whoops!  Banana peel.  All major US markets slipped and fell in the midst of political, geo-political, terrible retail earnings, and cyber attack drama.  Or maybe it was just time for a pullback, albeit the worst one in 8 months.  The Nasdaq slipped the most after breaking out to new highs just last week.  S&P 500…click to read more.

“Golly Gee, Beaver, that’s creepy!”.  The S&P 500 is creeping around…lurking even…wanting to breakout to a new all time high, but in no particular hurry to do so.  A big miss on earnings for Macy’s could bode poorly for other retailers about to report as well, and may make us wait longer for that breakout. …click to read more.

The S&P 500 has neither broken down or broken out.  But the Nasdaq has, and continues to steam higher even in a mediocre environment.  Meanwhile the Russell 2000 has retreated back into it’s range-bound shell.  In short, tech is still where it’s out despite a mixed bag of earnings results from key equities such as…click to read more.

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