Despite solid earnings during the week from two of the markets technology benchmarks, implied volatility remained stable, and is poised to move higher.  There are few impetuous during the balance of the year to drive volatility higher, which could create a long protracted upward bias to stock prices.  Government interference in the capital markets will […]

This week equity market rally created significant headwinds for implied volatility as investors returned to subscribing to the theory that Fed tapering would not take place for a substantial period of time.  This week the government started to release data points that were postponed due to the government shutdown.  The most significant release was September’s […]

Implied volatility had gain ground coming into the past week, as the clock ticked toward a potential default.  The US treasury is scheduled to make a substantial payment of debt on October 24, and with little left in the coffers, the raising of the debt ceiling became imperative.  Congress finally came through with an agreement […]

The start of the week brought fear and trepidation to the capital markets which helped drive up implied volatility as stocks saw continued losses.  The government shutdown moved into its second week and brinkmanship between the parties saw continued rhetoric which brought neither party closer to a resolution.  Thursday saw a change in attitude as […]

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