It seems that market participants are now pricing some form of change to the official statement from the Federal Reserve when they conclude their two-day meeting on September 17, 2014. Hawks are waiting for the removal of the words “considerable period” as a gauge of the timing for when the Fed might consider a change […]

In this weeks market forecast we will take a look at the indexes including the spx, dow, nasdaq, and the russell. We will see what we can expect in the next week for market action.  We will also look at sectors represented by the etf’s of the financials, gold, bonds, and oil. We will also […]

Stocks are higher on Thursday which in turn pushed implied volatility on S&P 500 options lower, following a historic announcement from the European Central Bank, that it would cut short term interest rates and embark on an asset purchase program that should add substantially to the balance sheet of the central bank. The ECB reduced […]

The focus in the U.S. has turned to monitoring the events in the Eurozone, as many believe that the European Central Bank will predicate the next leg higher in equities on a full quantitative easing program.  During the last couple of weeks, volumes have declined and stocks have moved higher with little to no volatility.  […]

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