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The positive sentiment remains in the markets for the near term in a bullish flag pattern, though the momentum to the upside has slowed during the last few trading sessions.  In some ways, this may be a healthy sign as the market seems to be digesting its gains.  A very predictable result of the July…click to read more.


The positive sentiment shift we noted weeks ago has followed through in a big way, as the markets have decisively broken key resistance points.  The main change is that the pace of the hectic increases has slowed to a grind, perhaps a healthy one, as the S&P 500 remains in a bullish flag pattern.  Election…click to read more.



A post-Brexit surge has now carried the S&P 500 back above its 50-day moving average.  The Nasdaq has been lagging, but it too is now back above its 50-day and 200-day moving averages for the first time since the Brexit referendum.  Short term sentiment has clearly shifted from negative to positive, and even “risk on”…click to read more.


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