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Focus is shifting to European Central Bank in world economic news.  The ECB has decided to keep interest rates steady, and will begin its bond-buying program on March 9th.  European markets were broadly positive in overnight action as euro zone growth forecasts are expected to increase with an expectation of positive economic data.  The markets […]

Several hours of Janet Yellin testimony before congress has done little if anything to change the current perceived “patient” Fed posture with regard to raising interest rates.  The very latest CPI data indicates that inflation is not an issue as prices remain even lower than expectations.  The majority opinions emerging in polling data indicate June […]

The Fed release of FOMC minutes made little difference in U.S. Equity trading, as staying the “patient” course appears to be the key theme.  The very low threat of inflation provides cover for a dovish Fed policy that would likely put off rate hikes until June at the earliest. Low inflation is reflected in decreases […]

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Implied volatility moved lower during the past week, but historical volatility remained elevated as market participants continue to react to the negotiations between the European Union and Greece as it pertains to their current austerity program.  Addition, Ukraine’s ongoing issues with Russia were back in the news, but it appears and agreement has been reached.  […]

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