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Live Options Mastery Class

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to “rub shoulders” with one of the most successful options traders in the world – and discover his “insider” strategies that generated multi-millions of dollars for traders across the globe?

Well, here’s your chance.

You can now participate in one of Options University’s most popular services – a 12-week series of Live Classes with options trader extraordinaire and top options trainer Ron Ianieri. What’s even more exciting… this is the EXACT CLASS he used to teach “rookie” traders on Wall Street how to compete with the pros in just 12 weeks…

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Synthetic Positions

One of the major advantages of options is their extreme flexibility. And once you understand Synthetic Positions, you’ll realize the full benefit of that flexibility.

Synthetics are fundamentally important to understanding options. They show the mathematical relationship that exists between the stock, a call, and its corresponding put.

Synthetics are also crucial in position management. They can be used to “morph” one position into another, an extremely powerful concept few understand, and is rarely taught…

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Directional Option Strategies

Most investors make money in the stock market by identifying stocks they think will move in a direction… usually up. These investors are called directional traders. They buy stocks they think will go up and sell stocks they think will go down.

Normally, they simply buy or sell short the stock. But there are several better ways of taking advantage of the stock’s directional movements by using options.

For directional traders, the use of option strategies can dramatically enhance their profitability, lower their entrance cost, and decrease the risk of their positions…

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Premium Collection Strategies

Want to know how to make money on a stock that doesn’t move at all?

Obviously, that’s impossible with simply owning the stock. But with the proper use of options, you can actually make money on a stock going nowhere.

How is this done? Through premium collection.

In our unique Premium Collection Strategies Classes, you’ll discover the favorite techniques of the options trading professionals used to score gains in a slow-moving, stagnant market…

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