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Options 101

For the first time ever everything was recorded, filmed and put to paper. No stone left unturned. No strategy kept locked away. Audios, videos, manuals... The whole LOT.

You can have it all delivered in 48 hours. Every tightly locked secret all nakedly exposed and ready to apply!

It's all revealed in a constantly updated home study course filled with screen-by-screen videos on CD-rom, PDF manuals, live audio tutorials, unparalleled coaching and support, online members area, help forum, unique insiders tips, real-life case studies — plus a whole lot more!

Don't Read Any Further Before You See This...

Time-Sensitive! The Options University™ Home Study Course officially launched on July 1st, 2004. But since then, many of our students have asked us not only how we do it -- but also what exact tools do we use.

We admit that one of the staples of our success has been the help of a useful proprietary software program that we've developed. One that can instantly tell us if any option is "cheap" or "expensive"... based on its historical "implied volatility".

(Imagine the 'edge' you could get on every other trader in the market if you could tell at a glance if the option you are considering is historically "overpriced" or "underpriced"... and therefore if you should be a buyer or a seller!)

The software is super-easy to use as well. Simply enter the ticker of the stock option you're thinking about buying or selling, and the software does the rest. It "draws you a graphical picture" of what action (if any) you should consider. To see this proprietary software in action click here to see an actual graph of a sample option trade.

We thought long and hard about giving out this software. We just didn't really want to pass this "secret" around. But we know this software is a powerful tool and can be extremely valuable to our students.

So, here's what we're prepared to do.

Be among the next 230 registrants and you'll get an amazing bonus package worth $1,015.00... Which includes a full-featured, fully unlocked version of our proprietary options trading decision-making software!

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Brett Fogle

From: Brett Fogle, Options University™

It is the perfect system. So simple to use, frankly, you'll be amazed. Nothing difficult. Nothing complicated. Nothing sugar-coated. The best from the best of battle-tested trading secrets from real-life traders at the top of the ladder.

How would you like three master traders to take you by the hand and show you, step by step, the exact tips that made them successful — in a way that CAN work for you? The kind of secrets only known to those on the trading floor?

Now's your chance. You can have them today. Because all the strategies you are about to get your hands on have been rigorously TESTED and proven.

But before we go any further, I want to make something clear.

I'm about to make you privy to highly sensitive information. Information so secret yet so powerful, it took us a long time to decide if we ever wanted to reveal them to a select handful of individuals. Including you! So, if you decide to secure your copy of our course, we want you to make a promise to us and yourself.

Absolutely Under NO Circumstances
Must You Reveal What You Will Learn!

If you use the information given today it'll work like crazy for you. But a fair warning: All the material carries a heavy copyright. If it's ever broken, we WILL pursue it to the fullest extent of the law! Let me explain...

My name is Brett Fogle.

When I started trading, I would have died for a savvy mentor — someone who not only works the trenches but who can teach — to safely guide me through the jungle, and show me how to achieve higher returns with less risk on trades.

You know how it feels... You jump in and go for a trade on the basis that it sounds good, looks good, and feels 'just right. But then your position tanks, and you experience yet another frustrating loss... It's a gut-wrenching experience.

Great news, though. We have a better way to show you...

We're going to teach you how to quickly and easily minimize your risks while multiplying your profits — simply by initiating some of our time-tested options trading techniques and strategies — just like the pros!

We've had considerable success using these strategies over the years, but it wasn't always that way. We've also experienced the ups and downs of trading —and we've had our share of losses too.

For example, I once lost $80,000.00 in one year alone. But then, using options, I managed to turn my remaining $6,000.00 into a monster $60,000 - in 4 weeks only! This was my best month ever, and a towering achievement...

Then sadly and madly, I lost it all again! It was painful and frustrating to say the least. But then I tweaked my strategy. I revised my plan. I used better, more effective trading tools. And wouldn't you know it? I came out back on top!

Am I anyone special? No. Do I possess any rare talent? No. I simply learned the ropes, paid the price and took some big risks... But I understand that not everyone has the resources, time or ability to go through what I went through.

One day however, I had this idea while trading. Just as I wished to have received "handheld" instruction from a trading mentor when I first started out, I knew it was probably the same for most people out there...

That's exactly what we assembled. A system that shows you to...

... A Clearer, Simpler Path to More Confident,
Unsurpassed, Risk-Reduced Options Trading!

We drew graphs, tables, plans. We made videos and audio recordings, MP3's, videos, PDF's, mountains of Microsoft Word documents. We went through case study after case study. Then, we left it sit for a while we regained our thoughts.

Why go through all that trouble?

Because there's a lot of competition out there. And there's a lot of smoke and mirrors, too. Tough language. Complex strategies. Mind-numbing mathematics.

It had to be a system that's unique, comprehensive, and extremely easy to learn and use. A system that really helps busy traders free up some time but still protect and maximize their investments! A system that can help you...

Turn Your Trades Into "Gold" With Professional
Strategies 99% of Traders Don't Know About!

That's why we went back to the table. We took out all the fluff, chopped away all the nonsense, and reworded and re-recorded bits here and there...

... Until we had without question one of the most compelling and powerful training packages EVER put together for learning options trading. (It had to be, or we would be giving refunds all day long! We would accept no less.)

Now's your chance to intently listen to three seasoned traders that can prove, without a doubt, everything we teach. Not just theory. Not just ideas. Not just "try it and see." But real-life scenarios that have literally produced results for us!

The result? Finally, a dynamite, complete, step-by-step results-oriented Home Study Course with the trader in mind. Introducing...

Options 101
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The OptionsUniversity™

"Option Trading Strategies For Safer Investing and Explosive Profits..."

With the Options University ™ Home Study Course and video CD, you can learn how to maximize your investments with the leveraged power of options! With this course...

Finally, The Winning Advantage
Can Easily Now Be Yours Today...

... But you have to take some steps in the right direction. All of us here at Options University™ are seasoned traders with solid track records. Everything we share has been tried, tested and tweaked heavily by real traders.

It's not in the slightest bit complicated. We have torn down and removed any complexities that restricts you as a trader... NO fillers. NO fluff. NO fat. And no wasting your time covering old ground. Just the best of the best!

But, we aren't magicians, either. There are some risks.

You can lose with ANY options trading. There's no safe way to trade. But we can certainly arm you with greater confidence, more peace of mind, a "winning edge" and the right kinds of information that will slash your learning curve.

What we have done is made it much easier, faster and less risky for you to make strong returns from your options trading.

We cover all the bases. We provide you with strategies for short, intermediate and long-term protection, as well as explosive profits using proven leverage.

But what if something goes wrong? Well, we cover that, too. You see, the fear and apparent complex nature of options trading scares people to death. And fear is the real culprit. Because fear often leads to...

... Failure.

Those failures are now your success! Our quarter of a century of combined experience with options — from colossal failures to outrageous successes, and everything in between!— has helped us to build a powerful arsenal.

So powerful, these are the same strategies we used to trade millions of dollars with... in real markets, and in real trading.

We suffered the failures. Discovered the solutions. Tested the solutions on the trading floor. Found the ones that worked. Honed them like crazy to make precision-guided profit-makers out of each of them. Best of all, they are dead easy to use.

"OK, Brett, But Be Frank With Me...
How 'Easy' to Use is it, Really?"

Simple. You learn in all in an in-depth, word-by-word, step-by-step and screen-by-screen instruction process so YOU can start rolling out these strategies, and feel easy and comfortable doing them for the first time.

Our video tutorials, and live trades with "play-by-play" audio commentary, will demonstrate very clearly how to make it all come together and work for you.

Even if you are a new investor you will feel comfortable moving ahead with these new strategies and trading options after completing our simple course.

You know when me and the other two guys sat and planned the thing out the one thing we spent days upon days on was ours and others failures.

You see, failures don't simply happen. There is always a reason that they failed. Find the reason and you discover the solution. That's what we did. We came up with an arsenal of easy to apply solutions and strategies that I know you'll love.

Let Me Tell You Exactly What You Get
From The OptionsUniversity™ Course

You get the complete course, which includes your 140 page Home Study Guide, printed and bound in high-gloss 4-color heavy paper. You also get a complete interactive CD/DVD with live streaming video tutorials, examples and interviews.

PLUS, you get five high-value bonuses (with tips, techniques and strategies that can save you thousands), current trends and trading news, and access to a private members forum where you can rub shoulders with the authors and other likeminded — and some VERY successful! — students (and faculty!)

Here's a detailed look at what the package contains...

Options 101

Step 1. Introduction

Step 2. Option Basics and Terms

Options 101 CD
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at ZERO RISK today!

Step 3. Option Symbols Defined

Step 4. Effective Option Trading Strategies

OK, I'm nearly done, but I want to make a last-ditch effort to convince you. So we have pulled together a ton of bonuses material valued at well over $1,000.00. Today you don't pay if you order. NO charge. NO fee. NO price.

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I want to let you know that we want this course to be packed with valuable information that will put on the road to profitable options trading. That's why, if you're among the next 230 orders, we'll throw in the following bonuses...

check Bonus #1: "Tax Deferral Strategies Revealed"

Tax Deferral Stategies

In this special add-on bonus to the course, you'll learn exactly how to save as much as 67% on your income taxes by using options. In it, you'll see how master traders save tons of money using little known tax-deferment strategies.

For example, we'll show you how to turn your highly taxable, short-term capital gains into a long-term net gain (such as paying 15% tax later one rather than 25% tax now). It's a $77.00 value.

check Bonus #2: The Amazing "Stock Repair" Strategy

Tax Deferral Stategies

How to get 500% greater returns using this one secret strategy. For example, getting a hefty 10.5% 2-week return using options vs. a wimpy 2.1% return with just stocks alone.

Discover how to 'Repair' your losing stocks in half the time, with no additional risk - using options. (We'll show you how! ) It's a $97.00 value.

check Bonus #3: 30 Days of "Daily Tips" Delivered to Your Desktop!

Using our unique desktop messenger software, you get quick-as-a-bullet daily options trading tips (With audio!). Every day, you'll be instantly alerted to red-hot trading tips and strategies.

Options University Daily Option Trading Tips

Have you ever heard that 'repetition is the mother of all learning?' Here we'll give you short daily trading tips - for maximum retention and to help you firmly cement your new ideas. It's a $47.00 value.

check Bonus #4: FREE Copy of Our Proprietary Volcone Software!


For a limited time, you get a free copy of our revolutionary, new proprietary volatility cone software, The Volcone Analyzer Pro.

It shows you with the push of a few buttons, if a particular option is 'over' or 'under' priced, based on it's historical volatility. Sound complicated? It isn't.

Just Key in Your Favorite Stock Symbol, Click a Few Buttons, and Within Seconds Your Volcone Graph is Calculated and Created in Real-Time Right Before Your Eyes!

Here's a quick screenshot:


Then you just look for the 'small red dot' which tells you everything you need to know...

If the red dot is above or 'outside' the upper Volcone bands, the option is 'over-priced' and if the red dot is under or outside the lower Volcone bands, the option is 'under-priced.' Click here for the full description.

It's like technical analysis for options!

Never before have you been able to graphically determine the historical volatility of an option compared to it's actual implied volatility for similar time periods.

If all this sounds confusing, or you're not familiar with these terms, it's ok because all you need to know is that if the 'Red Dot' is above (or outside) of the volatility cone, the option is over-priced and if it's below, the option is under-priced!

Imagine having a 'crystal ball' and knowing ahead of time, if the option you're considering is over-priced, and would be better to 'sell' or under-priced and would be a better 'buy'...

This is the same powerful technology that our team used to use on the floor as a professional options traders... In fact, they wouldn't make a trade without it. Now you can have it for free, if you order TODAY. It's a $197.00 value.

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I hate seeing the word "guarantee" everywhere. What is it supposed to mean? Just words. Platitudes to get you to buy. So, I'm making you more than just a guarantee.

It's a personal promise to you.

I honestly believe this is the most powerful, intensive yet easy-to-learn course currently available. I would want the ground to open and swallow me whole if I thought you were disappointed. So here's the deal...

Enroll in the course today. Try it out for a full 30 days. Pull it, twist it, take notes, mark up your copy, and apply what you learn. If you feel it really wasn't worth the investment, just return the product, and I will deposit your payment right back into your account the very same day if possible...

It's my 30-day risk-free, love-it-or-leave-it, full money-back personal promise.

So don't wait a second more! Only the next 230 "early birds" get this package. Click here to enroll right NOW!

However, don't order it with the intention of just skimming it over and returning it. That's not fair to either of us. I'm confident that these strategies will absolutely work for you -- if you apply them and put them to the test. But don't order if you aren't going go through the material or implement any of the strategies.

Let's face it, if you're NOT going to seriously test & apply these simple but powerful techniques, and give our course an honest and fair evaluation (or return it in 2 days) - then you're probably not the type of trader who will be successful anyway.

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One More Thing...

I want to be very up-front with you. This was an expensive product to produce, each package is top quality and was our videos were professionally produced -- this is quality material.

We have chemically treated some of the pages and had a process applied to the audio and video CD's to detect illegal copying. Any returned unit will be checked. Not only will we then contest your right to refund, we may prosecute the copyright violation. So don't expect to copy the material and return it.

I deeply regret even having to say this, but in recent years there seems to be an upswing in people lacking basic integrity, who are intentionally purchasing, copying ie. stealing information, with the intent of returning it for refund. I've decided not to tolerate it in this case, not once... But I trust you to be fair.

Guarantee bottom

But now, the big question...

What's The Cost? You Should
Order Today, And I'll Tell You Why....

For obvious reasons, we don't want and can't afford to flood the market with too much competition. From day one, we decided to LIMIT the number of sales of this package.

Heck, the potential power we're unleashing could lose us profits in the long term. So with that in mind, we decided to only release a limited number of Options University™ and special bonus packages to the first 230 people only.

When we hit that number we want to focus strictly on you, our student, with expert guidance and support, and teach you the path to climatic growth. So if you want it, buy today because it simply might not be available next week.

Think about it...

Have you ever taken other courses like this? If so, you would know that many of them are priced in the $1,000.00, $3,500.00, even $5,000.00 range. Right?

(Plus, that doesn't account for the bonus software, too. I've seen programs like this selling for as high as $1,000.00-$3,000.00 a pop — for a limited license! In other words, no updates, no technical support, and restricted or time-limited use.)

So there's no need to pay $10,000, $5,000 or $3,000. Not even $1,000.

Enroll today for the low enrollment fee of only $597!

Before we go any further, I want to set something straight. Remember, we plan on releasing this highly sensitive information to a small fraction of people. When you enroll, you'll be bound to our non-disclosure agreement.

And we will be strictly enforcing our copyrights!

That's another reason why we're severely limiting the number of copies floating around. We don't want just anyone to enroll in our course.

Sure, we will continue to sell the course after we reach 230 enrollments. But we want to make it prohibitive and available only to serious students. In fact, after 230 copies we'll likely raise the price to $697 or even higher!

That's why we want to reach that limit as quickly as possible. To do so, we're prepared to make you an offer you simply can't refuse!

We're almost giving away the next 230 packages, along with the $418.00 worth of extra bonuses (including a free, full-featured, unrestricted copy of our Volcone Analyzer Pro software program worth $197.00) for only...

Options 101

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Don't wait any longer. And just to recap, here are a few reminders worth considering. With Options University™ you get...

So please don't wait. You have absolutely no risk to you. Go on... Put us to the test right now. Give yourself a chance of learning how to win with options today...

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To Your Trading Success,
Brett J. Fogle, President
The Options University™

P.S. #1: Remember, the whole system you have read about works. It really does, and we have the track records to prove it. But don't decide today. Take it for a test run and then decide if this course is right for you. If you're not happy, no problems. Use your 30-day guarantee promise.
P.S. #2: You're still skeptical? You should be. And we understand. So to give you a "nudge," here's what I'll do. Click here to buy now. And I'll also include a Free Options Calculator as a bonus on your CD. It offers some great features — and even a few unique features, too!

This software program calculates Greeks, plots a profit and loss graph of the option position, measures the probability of the underlying security reaching a target price, calculates key statistics for analyzing spread positions, including maximum profit and loss, breakeven, and probability of profit and loss. And more! Click here to enroll today!
P.S. #3: Finally, please remember that this offer is ONLY available to the next 230 enrollments. You get the complete course, DVD and interactive CD, step-by-step manuals, $418.00 worth of extra bonuses (including an unrestricted copy of our proprietary Volcone Analyzer software) and a massive $200.00 discount... All for a low investment of only $397!

One 230 are gone, they're gone. Why procrastinate when you can take it for a test-drive and then decide if it's right for you?

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