The Options Mastery Series Can Quickly Transform You Into A Vicious Options Veteran With The Skills To Independently Analyze ALL Options Trading Scenarios and Determine the Profitability and Volatility That Can Generate Unfair Profits For Your Portfolio

All In Record Time, As It Has Done With
Thousands Of Students Before...

It was long and it was hard... but it worked. And it worked FAST. Yet until today no one on the outside has a clue about what we did with these "test subjects" to enlighten them about the inner workings of options trading.

Now, if you have the guts to face the truth about what it takes to grasp the most profitable options trading secrets, tactics, and little known strategies in the business...

You Can Learn The Exact Same
Insider Options Trading Secrets
These Lucky "Test Subjects" Did!

It's our super advanced tactics, broken down to the simplest form that can generate amazing profits and TRUE HEDGING even in a world of Enrons and Worldcoms. And it will come to you faster than you ever dreamed possible...

From: Options University™
Date: Tuesday, September 21, 2021

If you've ever craved to learn how world-class options floor traders generated massive profits for their clients and companies, then you're in for the ride of your life.

This is huge! In fact so big... there are major companies scouting us out as their "go to guys" because what we reveal are true options trading strategies. Not some hashed up recipe that worked once... and... is canned and sold as the "new solution".

Most of what you see is concocted by some wannabe... that's never even seen the inside of any of the 5 major trading floors.

Here's the story: A little over two years ago, we launched the most in depth options trading "beginner" home study course on the market.

In fact it was so good... we sold out in just a few months.

But the funny thing was... the people wanted more... we jam-packed these home study courses with the most elementary options trading elements that are so simple even a 6th grader could grasp.

But our clients wanted more of the simple yet effective techniques used on the trading floors!

And that's exactly what we gave them.We delivered the 'first-ever-of-it's-kind' live web-classes over the internet... Teaching the very same strategies that allowed the professional floor traders to dominate on the trading floors. Over 12 weeks of pro traders spilling their guts...

The training was tough... but well worth it. We took a group of 23 raw rookies and transformed them into options veterans in a little over 12 weeks... And the success stories have been phenomenal... Enough to make us very proud.

But they wanted more and so we gave it to them. And we held nothing back...

We Expanded Our Live Classes to 12 Grueling Weeks, And
Added Tons of New Content - Straight From Our Trader
Trainee Course, That Was Used to Teach On the Floor...

We revealed ALL our professional-level power strategies and techniques to these 'students', the same ones that helped pros produce millions of dollars in trading profits on the options floor for over 15 years...

It was the exact same information we taught to a class filled with a bunch of rookie traders... It was our job prepare them for doing battle in the pit...against veteran market makers...

But our traders did great. And people started to take notice...

Yes, we’re blowing our own horn... but we have to. We've got to let you know who we are and what we’ve done because these charlatans out here touting their "canned strategies" are making us sick!

There are guys out there who know nothing about the real world of options trading. They never spent any time in the pit. And now they come out after making a winning trade and declare on the mountain top... that they're the greatest...

Hogwash. Don't you believe it

You'll Discover All Powerful Options Strategies
In Just Under 21 Hours...Guaranteed!

We wouldn't mind if these guys had put in the work and now they're telling it all. But the fact of the matter is... they haven't paid their dues!

So there's just no way we're going to let some fake come out of nowhere and deliver some "canned strategy" to honest people like you, when there is so much to learn about how you can profit from options trading... when you're taught the right way!

You see, not everybody can afford our live classes... and we understand that. We've been there before. That's why we released the recordings of our first live classes over a year ago in the first copies of the Options Mastery Series...

Students could now profit from the "in the trenches" live classes because...

We Recorded Every Amazing Second Of The Classes And
Converted It To Classes They Could Watch From The
Comfort Of Their Own Home... Whenever They Wanted!

But it wasn't good enough!

We weren't happy with the video. The information was top-notch, but our students were having problems grasping the information...

So what we did was head back to the recording studio, and spilled our guts all over again. It's taken us almost a full year to put it all together! But we did.

We revealed everything about every single profitable options trading strategy we know. We added over 100 new slides and visuals, graphs, charts, and diagrams, and we even added a 'live' drawing tool, where we go in and give you 'real-time' examples, just to drive the point home...

The last Mastery Series was good.

This new version is an INCREDIBLE achievement... A quantum leap in options education. Yeah, it's that good.

We worked on this for weeks and weeks... to get this done for YOU ... and in the fastest possible time. Our staff has been working around the clock, to get these edited and produced... and ready to go.

Your trading is about to change... forever.

In 27 online videos... and at your own pace... you'll be able to master all our best and most profitable options strategies, right at home.

You'll access over 20 hours of jammed packed options mastery techniques all divided up into 27 classes. You'll be able to learn at your own pace. You won't have us barking at you about your homework assignments, and studying your terminology.

Learn only the subjects you're interested in now, save the rest for later if you want to.

Frankly, it's the...

Fastest Way To Tap Into True Trading Veteran Minds
And Extract All Of The Money Making Skills
Used For Over A Decade To Dominate The Market!

It's so simple once you have a true veteran in your corner. No hype. No B.S. Just true scientific methods used by real world floor traders to generate maximum profit and virtually eliminate risk.

Here are some of the other skills you'll unlock in the Options Trading Mastery Series...

You get 5-7 videos per module, for a total of 27 videos!

Module #1 (Video 1-5): Option Essentials

An education in Option Theory must be approached in the same way an office building is built. The first thing is to build a strong, solid and sound foundation. Option essentials take you through the myriad of terms and concepts that allow you build the foundation upon which you will learn about options the right way.

All of the basic definitions (option, put, call, strike, expiration, assignment, etc.) will be defined and the option pricing model (the root of option valuation) will be explored. The exploration of the model is the best way to understanding how an options price is derived and how options react to changes in market variables.

In this module, you will learn...

  • Why options trading is the only true form of HEDGING the stock trading arena. Once you know why and how... not only will your money be safe... you'll be able to apply these simple-to-learn strategies for the next 20-30-and 40 years!
  • How to avoid losing your shirt overnight while you sleep! Unfortunately it's happened... but... you'll now be able to prevent it If you follow this one Master tactic.
  • How to master trading options. This allows you to skip all the hype of products that claim "you'll be an expert overnight."
  • Simple plan that allows you to really understand options trading the way floor traders had to know. They are a dying breed... but they knew their craft. Here's your chance to "crawl" inside their minds.
  • Why the OCC (Options Clearing Council) is the mediator between traders and how this will protect your money like Fort Knox!
  • How to get the maximum profit solely based on the options architecture! Understanding this, is like getting 10 years of experience crammed into 20 minutes
  • The number one biggest public misconception about options trading. If you don't know this myth... you'll fall victim to every charlatan out there distributing their latest "scheme" about options trading.
  • Why mutual funds are more risky than options trading... and what you can do to increase the bottom line of your portfolio.
  • Why options strategies will protect you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year... guaranteed! Just "knowing" you have real portfolio protection allows you to sleep at night because your assets are PROTECTED!
  • The number one key to understanding how to trade options. You need even before you start! If you don't have this simple little key... your options trading is doomed, and you won't have a clue why.
  • How the pricing model of options trading functions. This allows you to understand, at an elementary level... "How you're going to profit from options!"
  • Why the nature of an option reveals the potential profit and risk scenario. This is key insight (one you don't want to do without!) to be an independent trader of options for the rest of your life.
  • How to follow the "experts" advice and "know the math." It's actually simpler than most explain. You'll be taught the same way we explained it to Wall Street insiders, but the real key is that you'll grasp how it will profit you, in less than 10 minutes!
  • Why the "meat" is the best chance of where the stock is going to finish. Once you know the final landing place of a stock you'll know the most profitable place to trade. (This is worth the price of course alone!)
  • How to determine whether or not your option is going to doom your portfolio. If it's in this zone in the pricing model... your walking on a tight rope in hurricane force winds! And the worst part is... there's no net!
  • Why a common pricing model from the 1970's has one inherent flaw and how to avoid a potential disaster from pricing an option using this model.
  • How an extremely accurate approach could actually cost you money just because it won't cooperate with you when you want it to.
  • Why one pricing model expresses better integrity over time BUT has a huge flaw that almost makes it completely obsolete. If you choose this as your primary pricing model... you'll lose only because of this one overlooked fact!
  • Why the "Greeks" are extremely important for you to understand and grasp on an elementary level.
  • The simplest explanation of the "Greeks" and how to properly use them. The exact same "talk" we did in front of a group of rookie options traders a little over 10 years ago... and probably the most important option trading insight you'll ever learn.
  • Why the "Greeks" are you insurance against loss. If you have at the very least a basic understanding of "advanced" canned strategies but don't know your "Greeks," you can still lose... and lose big... because your "Greeks" are your insurance against a bad decision.
  • An elementary graphing exercise that charts for you how a stock is going to act and its volatility movements.
  • The number one key strategy to options trading. It's simple, powerful, yet commonly overlooked... and now you'll grasp it, use it, and maximize its potential for the betterment of your portfolio, family, and future.
  • How to guarantee profit 75-82% of the time on short term buy/sell strategies. (You'll love this when you learn how to use this tactic.)
  • How to avoid buying and selling at the wrong time. If you don't understand this one simple strategy... you'll be paying double the commission costs that could have gone into your pocket.
  • How to generate profits when everyone else is waiting for something to happen. It's proactive and simple, and you'll feel great when everyone else looks down because they didn't DO what you know to DO!
  • How to analyze volatility and exploit promising trades. You won't have to worry yourself about whether or not you made the right choice once you know this options trading principle. You'll rest assured knowing you'll profit any way the tables turn...

Module #2 (Video 6-10): Option Fundamentals

In this class, we begin to study the two types of option: calls and puts. You will learn how calls and puts function and how they can be used individually. The Greek sensitivities of both calls and puts will be investigated.

Further, we start to examine how calls and puts of different months and strikes are connected with each other.

Finally, we look at how synthetic positions are constructed and how they help to reveal the secret relationships that bind all calls and puts together.

In this module, you will learn...

  • How to generate unlimited income from one type of Call option. It seems unfair but it's not. It's something us floor traders did before everything went computerized, and we became obsolete. The only problem is, now just a few people know it because there are very few experts left. (But you'll get to know it, too!)
  • One simple strategy you'll be happy to risk your money in. It sounds crazy but after you learn it... not only will you do it, you'll write to thank us for revealing it to you.
  • How to create synthetic long calls. And simple ways to validate them.
  • One secret about reversals and conversions people commonly overlook. If you know it... you'll profit. It's that simple. But if you don't you'll get caught thinking you're making a wise decision.
  • A simple cross cancellation that could be "money in your pocket" based on one little known idea.
  • How to double your money using a simple formula. Yes it's really that easy and that profitable. (It's going to blow your mind how easy it is.)

Module #3 (Video 11-15): Basic Option Strategies

With the essentials and fundamental now fully under your belt, it is time to learn about the basic strategies. See how buy-writes, sell-writes, protective puts, synthetic puts and collars work to enhance your profits and hedge your risk.

Each strategy will be defined and explained in detail. The maximum profits, maximum loss, risks and rewards of each strategy will be explored with examples showing how the strategy will perform under a variety of changing variables. Finally, the "when to use" and all important "how to close" procedures will be discussed.

In this module, you will learn...

  • Which put provides maximum protection for a short stock position. After you grasp this call your travel agent... because you'll want to take your profits, pay the capital gains tax and take a vacation!
  • How to take advantage of aggressive down side movement. This gives you the ability to profit in a bear and bull market. Either way, you come out on top.
  • One bullish strategy that by nature gives you a better profit scenario. (This is one powerful strategy you need to learn before you even think about trading.)
  • How to collect money in a stagnant stock. No motion has to be made (which is about ¾'s of the time) to profit from this strategy.
  • Which type of stock to buy covered calls on that virtually eliminates all risk. You'll never again worry about your decision making process. You'll get it the first time once you know the key to this process.

Module #4 (Video 15-20): Advanced Option Strategies

Now that you have mastered the basic option strategies, it is time to learn about the advanced strategies. The advanced strategies differ from the basic strategies in the fact that advanced strategies feature options teamed with other options as opposed to options teamed with stock.

In this class, see how vertical spreads, calendar spreads, straddles, strangles, butterflies and condors and collars offer you large profit potential in a hedged position with lower entry dollar costs.

Each strategy will be defined and explained in detail. The maximum profits, maximum loss, risks and rewards of each strategy will be explored with examples showing how the strategy will perform under a variety of changing variables. Finally, the “when to use” and all-important “how to close” procedures will be discussed.

In this module, you will learn...

  • One strategy that made several traders MILLIONS when the market continually fell in a downward spiral. This type of information allows you to hedge your portfolio no matter what the market conditions are.
  • Which strategy provides you with maximum protection for long stock positions, protect on long runs, and gives maximum downside profit protection.
  • Save your cash! How to lock in profits and protect them without having to spend a lot of money to do so.
  • How to avoid paying the high percentages of short term capital gains tax and only have to pay long term (lower percentage) capital gains tax.
  • One strategy that reveals a controlled fixed known amount of loss. This allows you to make quick BIG profits and control big losses. It's a numbers game. You make $3... and lose $1... still doubling your money in minutes!

And that's just the beginning. We realize everybody may think they know the basics of options... but from our experience it's just not true.

It's not your fault though, you may have thought you were getting a true veteran's insight, but in fact you didn't.

So here's how we're going to solve this issue for you. we're including...

$497.00 Worth Of FREE Bonuses That Ensure
You Have A Solid Options Trading Foundation

With your purchase of The Options Mastery Series you'll get our FREE bonus gift, worth $397.00...

Free Bonus - ($397 Value) Options 101 and Advanced Options Courses!

Everyone who orders the New Options Mastery Series will get online access to our best-selling beginner to intermediate options training courses, to bring you up to speed as quickly as possible on the key terms and strategy concepts detailed in the Mastery Series.

New to options? No need to worry, these two options courses (with training videos) will get you prepared for the Mastery Series in the fastest possible time. You'll be profitably trading options faster than you ever thought possible!

All of this prepares you for the Mastery Series. Even if you've been trading options for 5 years, it's still a good idea to brush up on strategies you've never used before. Why? Because inside the Mastery Series we're going to reveal how to profit using so many different strategies... and... WHEN to use them.

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Here's What Students Who
Finished The Training Have To Say...

"Using a Simple Option Strategy On One Stock I Exited These Positions With a P&L Around+56K in Cash"

"Using a simple option strategy on one stock, I made over 3K one day, and over 52K then next. I exited these positions with a P&L around +56K in cash.

"This is far more than I ever made in an entire year trading mutual funds, stocks or options previously.

This class gave me the quiet confidence and the ability to enter and exit the position with the necessary precision to make a successful trade when it really counted.

This is a life changing event for me knowing my perseverance has paid off. And the move to Options University has really paid off!

- Jim (Last Name Protected), Student

*No representation is being made that these results can or will be obtained in the future, or that losses were not incurred subsequent to the date on which the testimonial was provided. There is a substantial risk of loss associated with trading futures, forex, stocks, and options. Only risk capital should be used.

"I am Happy to Recommend Options University to
Any and All Who Would Like to Learn ALL of the
Essential Components to Trade Options
Successfully and at a Fair Value."

"I have recommended the services of Options University to others base upon what I believe to be a very straight-forward, comprehensive, and not overly-expensive education in learning to trade options. I have spent a whole lot more money [elsewhere] to learn what I know, and there are still gaps in my understanding of the right way to play options.

"I gave up and moved to the futures market. I learned trading from [Name Removed], and with them I had to keep paying more and more to find out some really basic and necessary things about trading options such as volatility, proper money management, and some kind of understanding of the Greeks.

"They just barely touched on the subject of synthetics, and only then in a 4 day class on advanced options. And they never taught about managing / hedging with delta neutral positions.

"I am happy to recommend Options University to any and all who would like to learn ALL of the essential components to trade options successfully and at a fair value.

- Susan Colcord, Student

"Now I am Feeling Relaxed and Not Apprehensive About Opening My Account Page to See Where My Balance is. This Feeling Alone is Invaluable."

"This knowledge is about how to best strategize an opportunity once that has been identified...

"Theory and education is great but being live in a dynamic fast moving market challenges the academic. "the proof is and the pudding".

"Recently on the day after Black Friday, the biggest retail weekend of the year, and the beginning of the Santa Claus rally and in the so-called middle of a bull rally, the markets decided to take a nasty crash. The NASDAQ plunged 54 points and the Dow down 158, S&P down 19 all in one day. Most long traders would be having a real bad day.

"Previous to Monday on the close of Friday I had open, 9 trades. The trades are real, they are multi-legged option contracts for a hundred shares each of $50 stocks.

"Now I am feeling relaxed and not apprehensive about opening my account page to see where my balance is. This feeling alone is invaluable.

The knowledge I have learned from the Mastery Series, works in my live account where the rubber meets the road.

- Matt Wenzel, Student

*No representation is being made that these results can or will be obtained in the future, or that losses were not incurred subsequent to the date on which the testimonial was provided. There is a substantial risk of loss associated with trading futures, forex, stocks, and options. Only risk capital should be used.

"I Took One More Chance and Upon Listening to the First Video I Knew I Had Found What I Was Looking For. "

"we're one of those people who fell for the claims of advisers promising 100% winning option trades if I followed their advice, which included selling naked options to collect premium and buying "cheap" out of the money calls and puts.

"One adviser even went so far as to say that 'the Greeks are not important and that "anyone who talks about them probably doesn't know what they are talking about." After discovering that my broker couldn't explain why the stock went up but my option lost money, I was about to give up on the idea of options forever.

I have taken time out from trading to learn some technical analysis so I won’t be able to claim that we've made a lot of money. But we're certain that we've saved thousands of dollars by avoiding bad trades.

"Another benefit of hooking up with Options University is that they connected me with a quality broker, and excellent teachers of technical analysis.

- Catherine Griffin, Student

"Another Thing I Love About Options University is Their Commitment to Educate You and Help You to Succeed as a Trader."

"we're not really sure where to start but since I have so much experience with the education process and instructors I guess this is as good as any to place to start.

"I have taken courses that teach options, and paid more, for less in return. Not only that, but have been given poor strategy techniques that resulted in my trades losing money, even though I picked a stock going in the right direction or them not giving me the knowledge to realize the full potential risks of the trades. All because of buying the wrong option or using a strategy and not realizing the full potential downside.

"Now I know which option or strategy to pick, but more importantly, why the options I picked in the past were wrong, and now I know the full potential downside to the strategy. I needed a better understanding of the Greeks and the full downside to the trades. I now only have to worry about which strategy to use given the trading situation.

"Another thing I love about Options university is their commitment to educate you and help you to succeed as a trader.

- Mike McNally, Student

"What an Amazing Experience to Become a True Options Master."

"It doesn't matter how many option courses that you have taken or books that you have read...

"You will learn the importance of understanding option pricing models, Greeks, finding the opportunity and using the right option strategies, and in the end, the amazing thread that connects all options.

"What an amazing experience to become a true options master."

- Norman Levig, Former Student

"The Mere Fact of Learning That Options Should Be Purchased With a Delta of 80-85%, Already Paid For the Whole Course, Irrespective of Future Tips!"

"I have already mentioned that the mere fact of learning that options should be purchased with a delta of 80-85%, already paid for the whole course, irrespective of future tips!

"Needless to say, you cannot guarantee that a student of yours will make money. However, if after attending your masterful presentations one does not make money, it can only be attributed to the student's inherent stupidity.

- Jose Luis Saenz, Student

"The Options Mastery Course is By Bar the Finest, Most Thorough Options Training we've Ever Had!"

"My story is a fairly simple one.

"Like so many options traders, I had no idea what I was doing. I had subscribed to certain options services; but they really didn't explain why they made the various recommendations, nor did they explain (except in vaguest terms) time decay.

"I knew I needed a way to participate in the stock candidates my methods were finding, but at much lower capital investment.

"we've never had an instructor before who (1) so obviously knew his material cold, (2) clearly wasn't trying to continually milk his students out of more and more courses, to learn "the next secret", and (3) absolutely never hedged with his remarks, instruction, and all out commitment to his students' success.

"Knowing how options actually are priced, allows me to get the biggest "bang for the buck" in options buying, effectively minimizing how much we're paying for option theta while maximizing the options performance relative to the stock. we're not yet ready to leave my "day job" for full-time options trading, but I no longer lose money -- which is the first half of my task. I have been thoroughly trained in options strategies;

"With a bit of refinement of my stock selection methodology, I know we're going to be even more successful.


Tim Hoogasian, Class Student

"It has been a revelation to attend
your Options University Course... "

"Over the years (I am now 60) I have attended a fair number of educational courses and seminars and without doubt I have found that the best are always those lead by individuals who combine a deep passion and enthusiasm for their subject together with an all encompassing knowledge base.

"There is equally an obvious and outstanding benefit in learning from a true professional.

"Without doubt, you qualify in all aspects. I have learned much more about Options, Options strategies, and the opportunities to use options than I ever have done in the previous two options courses that I have attended.

"It has been a revelation to watch your Options Mastery Course and I have thoroughly enjoyed the passion and knowledge for Options trading that you have so willingly shared with me."

- Ian S, Auckland, New Zealand

"You Are a Class Act, No Bull, Just Straight Information. I Can't Thank You Enough and Will Refer You to My Family & Friends Who Trade Options!"

"Finally, Finally, Finally I have found and education in options trading, I can not thank you enough.

"I have been trading for over 20 years. Trading options for the last 7 years, I have spent thousands of dollars on education.

"Not one of these courses offered any type of quality education in options.

"They are either stock picking or pushing their own strategy's, which I have come to realize are not all truths. I have invested in many more seminars and websites.

"For anyone looking to understand what they are doing when trading options, take this course you can not put a price on it. IT IS PRICELESS."

"You guys are a class act, no bull, just straight information. I can't thank you enough and will refer you to my family & friends who trade options."

- Peggy Secatore, Winthrop, Mass

"I Made 4 Trades With This Strategy Banking a
Profit of $9,900 Less Commissions."

"Thank you for your encouraging words to a 73 year-old rookie.

"You may take pride in knowing that meanwhile I have perfected my trading with deep ITM call options for stock replacement by purchasing at the sweet spot thereby reducing my risk significantly and improving percentage return even further.

"I made 4 trades with this strategy banking a profit of $9,900 less commissions. This is a direct result of your teaching!

"No need to reply, thank you."

- Manfred Voss, Current Student

*No representation is being made that these results can or will be obtained in the future, or that losses were not incurred subsequent to the date on which the testimonial was provided. There is a substantial risk of loss associated with trading futures, forex, stocks, and options. Only risk capital should be used.

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How To Get Your Hands On The
Options Trading Mastery Package

As you can see, we've given away the store here. You're going to access everything we know about options trading. This way we know for a fact you'll never have to go to learn any bogus "system" because you'll know everything the "new options guru" knows... and more. A lot, lot, lot more.

Maybe you're thinking how much all this will cost? Heck, just the bonuses are worth over a thousand dollars.

How much is being a completely independent options trader worth to you? You'll never again have to spend a dime on a book, a "canned system", or a seminar. You'll be a true veteran, a true "options expert" ... for the rest of you life!

How much is all of this worth to you?

When you could...

Potentially Make Millions From Just A Couple Of
The Strategies I Fully Explain In The Mastery Series

Because just one piece of advice... or one new tool... or one forgotten edgy tactic could equal a lifetime of security from options trading.

So... are you in?

If you are serious about learning the honest secrets of options trading... so you can put it all to use in your own life... then you should already have made up your mind here. But... we know you may still want to know...

How much does the New Mastery Series cost?

It's the biggest bargain you're ever going to get from us. The entire package consists of 27 packed solid interactive videos that reveal us teaching EVERYTHING we know about options trading. Every single thing we know.

Also, you're getting over one thousand dollars worth of bonuses to ensure you'll NEVER need another book, video, or seminar again in your life!

This is equivalent of opening our brains up, and vacuuming out every shred of inside information and world-class secret there — we reached deep into our entire bag of tricks from over a decade in the trenches as top-grossing, proven and trusted, veterans on the floor options traders.

Our advice and experience has made millions... and was tapped into by some of the best trading houses on Wall Street.

The Options Mastery Series Is Hour After Hour After Hour
Of Super-Intense Professional Teaching & Training —
Over A Months Worth Of Evening Classes If Taken 'Live'

But recorded for your convenience, to play at your own speed.

Plus, with our new menu guided format, you can pause, fast-forward, rewind, skip a lesson, or come back to any topic you want to review. It's that easy!

Don't forget...

We do this better than anybody else. Major players have relied on us for the unvarnished truth about options for years... and we deliver.

And in the Options Mastery Series, we spill the beans completely—every scrap of knowledge we have about options trading we share on these interactive videos.

If you were to attend a seminar about options trading it would cost you anywhere from $1,999 to $4,999 for one weekend. And at the end you wouldn't know HALF of what you'll access from this package. And that's being generous.

Not to mention the airline and hotel costs attached to the hefty seminar fee. It may cost another $800 for travel costs.

But this series is nowhere near the $6,000 weekend we just mentioned. And the great part is you're getting a more thorough knowledge and mastery of options. All from the best seat in the house... yours.

Still skeptical? We understand. That's why, just to make sure you're absolutely satisfied about your purchase, we will back this offer with a...

30-Day 100% Money-Back
"No Questions Asked" Guarantee!

Order the Options Mastery Series package. Watch it, learn from it, use what you've learned for 1 whole month (30 long days). If you aren't convinced this is everything we've promised... then we insist you return the package... and we will rush you a refund of every penny of the purchase price.

Where's the downside?

Well, there isn't one. Unless you move too slowly and wait to order. We can't guarantee you'll be able to get your hands on the entire package. We don't plan on printing an infinite quantity.

We don't want to flood the market with all of this insider information and have it lose its power. There are some techniques in the series we tell you about that require a mistake from someone.

If we print endless copies, eventually this profit-producing idea will lose all of its power. Therefore... we're only printing a few copies.

So don't delay. Order now.

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Owning the Options Mastery Series system is going to change your life on the deepest level imaginable. And with our guarantee, you have everything to gain!

We poured my heart out into this Series.

We don't hold anything back.

We just delivered bigtime!

So it's up to you now. It's easy and simple, and there is NO excuse for hesitating and losing your place in line to gain options mastery.

You're gonna love this package.


Options University

P.S. Remember what you're getting.

  • 27 interactive videos of us teaching the "HOW TO's" of options trading, just like we taught to a group of rookie traders that enabled them to be completely independent from another book, strategy, system, or seminar ever again!
  • Over One Thousand dollars worth of bonuses that guarantee you'll have everything from beginning to end about how to trade options.

There just isn't a better way to learn options trading. Even after you "shop around" you'll see we're telling the truth. But don't wait... because your chances of getting your copy of these limited release.

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